Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exciting Changes

Siena is really growing up fast. Within the last few weeks she has had her top four teeth break through and has two on the bottom that are about to join the other two. Surprisingly, she has not been fussy with all these new ones as she was with the first two that came in on the bottom. She looks so much older having teeth now. It is easier for her to chew on all those foods that she is trying now.

AND SHE IS CRAWLING NOW. One minute she will be by the couch and the next thing we know she is headed towards the kitchen. It is amazing. She really got the hang of it fast. Bailey is having a hard time figuring out how she is moving so they are beginning to share some of his chew toys. (ewww) She even has begun pulling herself up to a slight standing position or from crawling to sitting. We love her changes and look forward to what is to come.

Also, this last weekend, we finally broke down and got her ears pierced. We have been wanting to do it for months but were too nervous. We did it and now we wished we would have done it sooner. She looks so cute and they don't bother her at all. Anyone thinking about doing it, I would recommend it.

We have had lots of fun family time this summer. With grandparents and aunts visiting Siena. We have really enjoyed spending all this time with Siena. Nicola goes back to work beginning of September so is trying to enjoy these last few moments as best she can. Currently we go to baby boot camp workout classes four days a week where moms can work out while having their babies there. Loving it.

Check out the album below by clicking on the picture. More cute pics are included.

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