Tuesday, December 1, 2009

17 weeks pregnant

Jason and I had our 17 week prenatal appointment this afternoon and everything looked good. The heartbeat was 162 beats per minute which is quite average at this point. I finally gained some weight, which was great to hear. My belly is definitely popping out slowly too.

Today we made our next appointment, where we will have our first ultrasound. This ultrasound will ensure us that everything is healthy and growing as it should. It will also be the ultrasound that shares with us the gender of our next baby. We are very excited to find out. This appointment will take place Dec. 22.

Jason and I try to make predictions about what we think it might be just for fun. Since the male determines the gender of the baby, we decided to look at Jason's family tree. Jason's dad had a daughter, then a son. Jason's uncles had a daughter and a son. Several of Jason's cousins have had a daughter, then a son. This was exciting to think that we have a chance of having a son to add to our family. However, Jason also has one cousin that had five daughters. This could also mean that Siena will have a sister and share in the joy that I have been blessed to be part of, growing up with my two sisters. Either outcome is a positive. We are just hoping for a healthy baby come May.

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