Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feeling Like Christmas

This last weekend, we celebrated Christmas with Jason's family. We had a lot of fun. After exchanging gifts, we had our first annual white elephant exchange. This brought on lots of laughter, especially the onions and potatoes that Jason wrapped hiding his actual gift underneath.

Also, this weekend, Jason and I moved bedroom furniture around between the guest room and the new kids' room. Both little ones will share a bedroom, hopefully not having the constant slumber party chatter that Ton and I used to have. Jason got Siena's new toddler bed set up that she will be sleeping in when the new baby arrives. Siena loves it!! She would climb up on it, play around, climb back down and repeat it all again. We didn't try her sleeping on it yet, but we are feeling much better about it after seeing her enjoy it so much.

Here are pictures of the new baby and toddler's room! We still need to pick up the toddler mattress. Then the room will look perfect! I am so excited.

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