Monday, January 18, 2010

Raining Day Fun

We have been wanting to get out of the house for some play time for Siena, like a trip to the park. Unfortunately with the rain, it has not been an easy thing to do.

Since we couldn't take a trip to the park, Siena decided that she needed to read all of her Dr. Seuss books about ten times each. She was getting so excited about them. It was really cute to see her so excited by her books. Siena listened contently as each page was read and then was ready to flip the page when she heard us finish reading. Again I am amazed at how quickly children's reading skills begin to develop. Their
brains are amazing!

To enjoy the rest of the day, we decided to take Siena back to
the indoor pool where she had her swimming lessons 7 months ago. We were happy to see that she enjoyed the pool much more than she had before. She was very into the fountains in the toddler pool and watching the other children around her. Siena wasn't too impressed with the water slide though. Her facial expression didn't change much at all as she reached the end of the slide.

Check out all the pictures from today in the photo album below.

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