Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enjoying Maternity Leave

Today we went to an indoor pool. As expected, Siena had so much fun splashing around. This week I have really been focusing on spending some quality time with Siena. I have been wanting her to still get to have those experiences that she would have, had we not had Parker. Monday - we went on a bike ride with her new bike. Tuesday - we went on a walk to the park, where we had a picnic lunch and then visited with some cows and horses on the way back. Wednesday - Toddler storytime at the public library. Thursday - pool. Tomorrow - I am hoping that we can go to the open gym time for toddlers for Siena to bounce and play.

We are having a lot of fun together. I am definitely enjoying being home with both of these little cuties. It is also wonderful having my sister local so that she can come spend time with us as well. Siena just can't get enough time with her. Then thankfully, my mother-in-law will be at our house with both kids, for when I go back to work in the fall. We have such wonderful and supportive family.

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