Saturday, June 25, 2011

Much Needed Update

Today I was told, "We enjoy reading your blog and comparing your kids' stats to our little one," I realized it has been far too long since I have updated this blog.

What you may hear her say:
-"Bye. I am going to work at my school. Be home soon. Have a good day."
-"Mom, I am busy right now."
-"Did you have a good nap Parker? Oh, nice."

What she loves to do:
-Go to parks, farms, or walks to see the horses and cows
-Reading books with us or by herself
-Writing her "name," she can spell it verbally but is not able to write it yet
-Spells Parker's name "P-E-R-K-E-R"
-Push her baby dolls in her stroller
-Help mommy and daddy do almost anything

-walking everywhere
-following directions, "Give this to daddy," "Please put this away?" "Take a bite."
-tries to blow bubbles in bath water like Siena
-grabs books and brings them to your lap
-gets so excited when he sees birds outside
-dancing whenever he hears music
-hugging and kissing us constantly

THEY ARE GROWING UP SO QUICKLY! We love them so much!!

--Thank you Nicole for that reminder of our blog.

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