Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Update

Did you think that I forgot all about this blog? To be perfectly honest, I did! What a busy summer it has been and this blog was the last thing in my mind. However, as I look at my not-so-little kids, I realize there are many of you who haven't seen their most recent growth. Everyone tells you how quickly your little ones will grow up but it isn't until I look at past pictures that I realize how much they are grown.

Siena has just started preschool and is loving it. She loves being able to take her own lunch bag each day. You can tell that she definitely feels like a bigger girl. She will be 4 in November but she is looking and acting more and more like a 4 year old every day. She is getting really good at recognizing and writing her letters and numbers. She loves dancing and singing, in the time that she is not riding her bike. She can ride faster and further then you would think. Siena is also the best big sister. When she is away from Parker, they reunite in such a sweet way. I will get one of these embraces on camera soon I hope.
Parker is definitely in his 2s. He is more active than ever. Let's see, what are his biggest interests right now: climbing, jumping, running, building, etc. Though as active as he is, he is still a cuddle bug. Parker is speaking so much now. He knows what he wants and is doing really well at communicating that. My favorite is when he says Siena's name or says "sister" because it sounds like "ti-ta."

Here area few more pictures from the summer:

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